Membership Benefits & Services


Increased Credibility – Members of The Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce, are part of an elite group of professionals working together to positively impact both the economy and the quality of life in our community. Through this association, members experience increased credibility, locally, nationally and world­wide. Every member receives a Member Plaque identifying them as a Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce Member, which should be proudly displayed for public view.

Publication Listings – ­The Chamber produces numerous publications for distribution. These publications are provided to newcomers, visitors, and residents of the area. When your business is included as a Member of The Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce, your business is promoted as a reliable, trustworthy, and progressive business.

Referral Services – Daily, the Chamber receives many requests for referrals of various products and services. In response to these many requests, Chamber members are the direct beneficiaries of these referrals.

Web Site Listing – ­As a Member, your business is listed on The Melissa Area Chamber’s web site. Your business listing alphabetically and by business category, provides world­wide exposure to your business.

When you receive your login and password in your email, use the link at the top right in the burgandy area to login “Member Login“

Enter your Username and click “Lost your password” follow the prompts to change your password.

(You should ALWAYS change your password)

Go to YOUR listing in the directory while logged in and you will be able to edit.)

Click here to view instruction for editing your listing.

*Note: if you make changes your listing will move into  “Pending Approval” and will not show in the Directory until approved by the Chamber.

Exposure & Marketing Opportunities

Image Magazine -­The Chamber publishes and distributes thousands of copies of its Image Magazine. The Image Magazine is a Visitor Guide, Membership Directory, Relocation Guide, and an Economic Development Marketing Piece all combined into one. Your busi­ness contact information will be listed in this publication, and you will have an opportuni­ty to purchase additional advertising at an affordable rate to further market your business.

City ­County Map– ­A map of Melissa and Collin County is periodically produced and distributed to newcomers of the area. As a Member of the Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce you have an opportunity to purchase advertising on this map, allowing you the ability to further market your business to visitors and newcomers in the area.

Web Site Advertising – Banner Ads are available on the Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce web site ( As a Member of the Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce you have exclusive access to this highly effective and sought after advertising space, facilitating the promotion of your business to the world.

Newsletter Advertising– ­The Chamber publishes a Monthly Newsletter with advertis­ing space available to all members at reasonable rates. The Monthly Newsletter is emailed to all Chamber Members. Advertising in the Chamber Newsletter provides Chamber Members a great opportunity to market their business to a targeted market.

Event Sponsorships ­-The Chamber conducts numerous events throughout the year with opportunities for sponsorships. These sponsorships include a wide range of market­ing opportunities based on the level of sponsorship, and reach both local and out­of­town markets.

Grand Openings & Ribbon Cuttings ­-The Chamber holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies for New Members and Members with special occasions such as Grand Openings, remodel­ing, new ownership, etc. These ceremonies provide a great opportunity to market your business and are promoted through the monthly newsletter, web site, member faxes and emails, and through various media sources in the area.

Broadcast e­mail – All Chamber Members have the opportunity to send announce­ments, ads, promotions, and discount offers to all Chamber Members via broadcast e­mail. The nominal charge for these services affords your business an unparalleled opportunity to reach the distinguished group of Chamber Members and their employees.

Business After Hours ­-The Chamber offers opportunities for you to host Business After Hours. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your business and products to Chamber Members in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Business After Hours is promot­ed through all the avenues of the Chamber to include but not limited to: Newspapers, radio, newsletter, broadcast e­mail, word of mouth, etc.

Visitor Center Brochure Racks – Members of the Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce have the coveted opportunity to display brochures, business cards, or other forms of infor­mation at the Chamber office and Visitor’s Center.

Mailing List & Labels – The Chamber offers lists and/or mailing labels of all Chamber Members and their representatives. For a small charge, Members are provided with an easy way to mail your marketing pieces directly to Melissa’s prized group of business own­ers.


Workshops & Seminars ­-The Chamber conducts numerous workshops and seminars throughout the year. These seminars provide information and education to business own­ers as well as their employees, and provide unprecedented opportunities for networking.

Quarterly Luncheons – Once a quarter, The Chamber holds luncheons for its mem­bers. These luncheons provide an opportunity to listen to notable speakers in the world of business, politics, world affairs, training, etc. They also provide valuable opportunities to network with other Members.

New Member Orientation – The Chamber of Commerce provides orientation to new and existing members. This orientation will provide Members with useful information and valuable tools affording them the ability to maximize the benefit they receive from Membership in the Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce.

Eggs & Issues – Periodically, the Chamber hosts a breakfast program which provides a forum and/or speakers to address timely issues impacting our area.

Committee & Task Force Service – Membership in the Melissa Area Chamber of Commerce affords you the perfect opportunity to serve on the various Committees and Task Forces of The Chamber. Participation on these committees provides a great oppor­tunity to network with other members and utilize your expertise to benefit The Chamber and the Melissa Area.

Economic Development Team -­The Chamber is forming select Economic Development Team which will focus on planning the future of the area and attracting industry and business to fit that plan. Although a select group, the Economic Development Team will meet at an open weekly coffee forum to discuss items of economic develop­ment. The Team will also set up and participate in periodic training sessions to facilitate the best outcomes possible.

Other Benefits & Services
Will Be Added As Deemed Useful!